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BSHS 355 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Prevention Program Brochure

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Select a social agency that provides prevention programs. Examples of categories of prevention services include the following:
Juvenile justice programs
Youth crime prevention programs
Programs preventing violence against women
Child-abuse-prevention programs
Substance-abuse-prevention programs
Choose and research a specific prevention program offered by the agency. For example, the town of Springfield has a Community Counseling Center (the agency). Of the many services which they provide to the community, Stand Up/Sit Down (the specific program) offers prevention services to parents to stop kids from smoking (category of prevention). 
Create a brochure outlining the prevention program. Include the following. Use section headings to match these topics:
The program's history, including how the program started
The program's purpose
Who the program serves
Does the program serve locally, nationally, or globally
The obstacles the program faces in providing services
Whether the agency is a primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention program
Why the program is primary, secondary, or tertiary
Word count - content of the brochure is 700-900 words in length
Document all resources by submitting a separate WORD document with a full references list.
Format using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint brochure feature. (Do NOT submit a PDF file format.)
landscape page orientation
3 columns each page
2 pages
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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