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BSHS 355 Week 1 Individual Assignment Field Experience Agency Profile Analysis

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Background: Imagine you are responsible for connecting people to agencies. In this role, you must be knowledgeable of what services the agencies offer, who can qualify, how resources are disseminated, and the availability of the resources. Since your program of study requires a Field Experience element, it is important to start the task early, and know what the experience will incorporate. During your program, there will be two Field Experiences. This assignment will start the critical thinking process related to selecting an agency. 
Read the Field Experience Guide.
Research thoroughly several agencies of interest to you. It is suggested that you review 2-4 agencies (more if you live in a remote, rural environment which potentially may require travel.)
Complete the Field Experience Agency Profile Analysis Worksheet after completing your research.
Submit to the Assignments Files Tab.
University of Phoenix MaterialCollege of Social Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Human Services

Field Experience Agency Profile Analysis Worksheet

Thoroughly answer the following questions based upon your primary choice (first choice) from the research you completed of the agencies of interest. Use complete sentences following all grammar, punctuation, etc. rules. Use as many pages as needed.
1.         What is the name of the agency?
2.         What are the operating hours of the agency (days and times the agency is open)?
3.         What populations are served by the agency?
4.         What type of assistance does the agency provide?
5.         Please list the resources this agency has available for marginalized populations such as: homeless, literacy, tribal issues, teen issues, mental health, veteran's issues, runaways, and domestic violence.
6.         What activities will be available to you during your Field Experience that meet the requirement of activities listed in the Field Experience Guide?
7.         Please list the steps required to receive approval for the agency where you are interested in completing your field experience.

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