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BSHS 335 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Ethical Issues in Family Services Presentation

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BSHS 335 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Ethical Issues in Family Services Presentation

Instructions: Select a case study from one of the following options:    

  • A case illustration from Exercise 13.1, 13.2, or 13.4, or from the Concluding Case Illustration at the end of Ch. 13
  • An issue from local, state, or national current events which involves an ethical issue related to couples, families, groups and/or the community Prepare a 10- to 20-slide PowerPoint® presentation about the couple, family, group or community, the ethical dilemma(s) of the case, and how a human service professional would address the ethical concerns. Be sure to apply specific ethical guidelines to the situation, including applicable professional standards from at least two different Codes of Ethics.


Required Material: Two different Codes of Ethics need to be used. Please use APA formatted citations and reference listings to give the original source credit.

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