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BSHS 332 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Consent Report

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Conduct an internet search for Informed Consent documents from a Human Service agency (hint: use the search words “informed consent document” and “counseling”; or “declaration” and “counseling”), or provide one from your place of employment (if applicable). Provide the web address for your team members. Critique at least two of these documents for content and thoroughness. The critique should include comments on how well the document meets the elements of informed consent found in the readings. Paper should be 3-4 pages in length not counting the title page and reference pages. Provide a link to your documents along with a summary of your critiques, including the goals of the organization and the four elements of informed consent described in Chapter 12 (Ethics and the Law) of the Ebook reading for this week. Make sure to follow APA guidelines. Post your final draft critique to the Assignments section under the same Learning Team question.

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