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BSHS 332 Week 1 DQS

DQ 1

Week 1 DQ 1
Due: Week 1 Day 3
Go to either the board of Licensed Professional Counselors website for your state, the Licensed Clinical Social Workers website, or the Licensed Marriage and Familywebsite for your state (hint: google the following “licensed Professional Counselor”, “board”, and “Arizona”) . Review the website.
  • Which policies and/or ethical guidelines do you find the most surprising and why?
  • Also, which policies seem the most difficult to implement?
  • Which policies seem the easiest to implement
  • What are the licensure requirements for your state?
Please post your response in the Main Forum as a thread to this post. Responses should be a minimum of 250 words

DQ 2

Week 1 DQ 2
Due: Saturday-Day 5
The greatest and most frequent challenge that you will face in the human service field is trying to work objectively with a client. Our personal values, which are a part of our worldview, may not always be compatible with those of our client. As caring professionals we are trained to put our subjective opinions and beliefs aside in an effort to provide the best and most ethical standard of care for our client(s). But, there are some situations where our personal beliefs and strong convictions may make it very difficult to ethically work with a client, and may even create conflict within the therapeutic relationship. Can you imagine yourself in this situation? What would you do?
 Please provide two examples of how your personal values might interfere with ethical decision making
 How would you resolve this dilemma?
 Please feel free to provide any of your personal experiences

BSHS 332 Week 2 Individual Assignment Ethical Dilemma

Submit a 3-5 page paper (350 words per page) dealing with a workplace ethical dilemma that you have either experienced personally or that you are otherwise familiar with. This paper written in APA style with at least 2 references, should address:
o The essential points of the dilemma
o How this dilemma intersects with your personal values
o How you did/would solve this dilemma and why?

BSHS 332 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Ethical Theory

Read the e-text that reflects the ethical theory that the faculty member assigned your Learning Team.
Using your groups ethical theory, prepare a 2-3 page (350 words per page) paper that includes:
 The major elements of the theory
 How the theory is used in making ethical judgments, including the decision-making
This paper should be written in APA-style with at least two references. Post the final draft to the Assignment Section. Respond to other Learning Team postings.

BSHS 332 Week 2DQS

DQ 1

Week 2: DQ 1
Due: Day 3 (Thursday)

Describe the impact of the Tarasoff Ruling on the Mental Health Field. Make sure to include information on the Duty to Warn, when a therapist should warn, and the steps to take if the therapist decides to warn.
 Please post your response to the Main forum as a reply to this thread
 Please respond with a minimum of 250 words

DQ 2

Nature, Nurture or a combination of both? How does a person develop morals? Discuss your thoughts on moral development. Feel free to incorporate a theory or combination of theories provided in the Week 2 reading.

  • Post your response in the Main Forum
  • Responses should be a minimum of 250 words

BSHS 332 Week 3 Individual Assignment the dynamics of Ethics

Research a current ethical issue that deals with a midstream change of expectations or ground rules. You may draw from the business, political, social, medical, educational, or any other arena.
Submit a 3-5-page position paper (350 words per page) that describes:
· The previous situation
· The changes that are taking place
· Why the changes are taking place
· Desired outcomes/future situation
· Your opinion about the issue.

Post this paper to your Assignment Section

BSHS 332 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Consent Report

Conduct an internet search for Informed Consent documents from a Human Service agency (hint: use the search words “informed consent document” and “counseling”; or “declaration” and “counseling”), or provide one from your place of employment (if applicable). Provide the web address for your team members. Critique at least two of these documents for content and thoroughness. The critique should include comments on how well the document meets the elements of informed consent found in the readings. Paper should be 3-4 pages in length not counting the title page and reference pages. Provide a link to your documents along with a summary of your critiques, including the goals of the organization and the four elements of informed consent described in Chapter 12 (Ethics and the Law) of the Ebook reading for this week. Make sure to follow APA guidelines. Post your final draft critique to the Assignments section under the same Learning Team question.

BSHS 332 Week 3 DQS

DQ 1

DQ 1: Week 3 (Due on Day 3)
Describe how you would assess a person for suicide risk. If you determined that the person was at risk for suicide, what steps would you take? What are the implications of reporting? What are the implications of not reporting?
 Please post your response to the Main forum as a reply to this thread

 Please respond with a minimum of 250 words

DQ 2

Dual Relationships are a common occurrence in the mental health field, but are they ever okay? Please describe dual relationships and provide an example either from your own experience or via imagination. When, if ever, are these relationships appropriate? Make sure you respond with a minimum of 250 words.

BSHS 332 Week 4 Individual Assignment Personal Values and Ethical Standards

Prepare a 5-7-page paper (350 words per page) on the development of your personal values, ground rules, and ethics. Focus on the developmental aspect rather than on a particular position on any issue. Do this by defining your values, the sources (people, institutions, events, etc.) that helped shape your values, and the criteria and decision-making factors you use today to revise them as necessary. Discuss the implications of your values for your work as a human services’ professional. Next, discuss a specific ethical dilemma in relation to the Ethical Standards of Human Service Professionals in which you will experience little difficulty due to a concordance between ethical practice and your personal belief system. In addition, address a specific ethical dilemma in relation to the Ethical Standards of Human Service Professionals in which you either anticipate difficulty, or have experienced difficulty, in ethical practice due to a conflict or discordance between ethical practice and your personal values. Post this paper to your Assignments Section

BSHS 332 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Abuse Reporting

supply your state’s child/elder/spouse abuse reporting laws to the Learning Team forum. Discuss these laws in relation to your thoughts on confidentiality and the duty to protect others from harm. Refer to the Ethical Standards of Human Services Professionals and any other pertinent Code of Ethics. Submit a 2-3 page paper (350 words per page) summarizing your team’s thoughts on the issues that were raised. If team members live in different states, be sure to compare and contrast any differences in state laws

BSHS 332 Week 4 DQS

DQ 1

Imagine that you are a licensed psychologist in private practice. You decide that you want to conduct research on the effects of food dyes in ADHD-type behaviors. To conduct this experiment you will need 100 children between the ages of 5-12. You will also need your food dyes which you have received from a food research lab. The dyes are in tablet form and each tablet is equivalent to the dye found in a 12 oz. blue raspberry icee. The food dye tablets are non-toxic (of course), completely safe and composed of the same chemicals found in such foods as lollipops, fruit loops, and icees. To save time and money, you decide to conduct the experiment in your office and with the clients that you are already seeing in private practice. Each time a client arrives for his/her appointment you will observe for a baseline measure then instruct him/her to eat the tablet (which you refer to as “candy”). Once the child eats the tablet, you will record any changes in behavior that you observe during the course of the session. At the end of the study you will analyze your data and present a report to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).
Describe any ethical violations in this research plan. What are the implications of these violations? What steps would you take to make the study more ethically compliant

DQ 2

Most ethical situations fall into a gray area. There are rarely any clear cut, easy to solve, text book scenarios. For this reason, it is necessary to be prepared for the challenges, and to understand the steps necessary to overcome and resolve these conflicts in the most ethical manner. Describe a hypothetical ethical dilemma that you might encounter as a counselor. How would you resolve this dilemma? Please respond with a minimum of 250 words

BSHS 332 Week 5 Individual Assignment Agency Visit paper

This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to explore potential Field Placement sites, to arrange for a placement, to apply the concepts related to legal and ethical issues in human services, and to identify ethical dilemmas in human services and apply critical thinking skills to the resolution thereof.
Scheduling the Visit
Make arrangements for the agency visit(s) early in the course. Explore agencies in the area whose services are interesting to you. If you are already working in an agency, you may interview a representative of that agency, as long as it is not your direct supervisor. Schedule the visit for no later than the third week of the course.
Information Collection
Collect the following information:
 Agency name
 Name and position of contact
 Date of interview
 Services provided by the agency
 Population served
 Requirements for agency interns
 General ethical dilemmas in the human services profession (from the perspective of the interviewee)
 Ethical dilemmas that are faced by the specific services provided by this agency
 Legal requirements placed on the agency
 Specific efforts required for compliance with legal requirements
 Specific efforts by the agency to assist employees in resolving ethical dilemmas
 System(s) used to collect client/consumer information
 Interviewee’s perceptions of the unique challenges currently facing the human services profession
 Any additional information that the interviewee wishes to share
Prepare a 3-5 page paper (350 words per page) detailing the highlights of your agency visit. Make sure to include the information from the bullet points above. Please adhere to APA guidelines. Post your paper to your Assignment Section

BSHS 332 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment on Ethical Standards for Research

Review the readings on ethics in research from Weeks 4 & 5. Pay particular attention to Chapter 14 (Ethics: Research with Human Subjects) located in the EBook under Week 4. In the Learning Team forum explore the issues that are presented when conducting research involving human subjects. Together, answer Questions 1, 2, and 4 at the end of Chapter 14 and submit a 2-3 page summary (with bullet points) of your discussion. If there are irreconcilable differences of opinion among Learning Team members, be sure to note all points of view in your summary

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