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BSA 540 Week 6 Learning Team MDM Implementation Plan

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Complete final revisions to your team's project and submit to your instructor.
Your Learning Team has been hired as consultants for a leading online university, which is moving towards implementing the Oracle® MDM solution. Your team is tasked with developing an MDM implementation plan that aligns with the Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management Essentials certification (1Z1-588).
Develop a 2,500- to 3,500-word plan, including diagrams, that covers the following topics:
  • Scope and Risks
  • Describe best practices for project scoping and establishing implementation timelines
  • Describe common implementation risks
  • Describe phasing implementations
  • Describe implementation roles and responsibilities
  • Describe  risk and security best practices
  • MDM Architecture 
  • Describe required MDM key features
  • Describe how you will identify metadata, entities, and relationships
  • Describe the techniques you will use to architect your data model
  • Describe how you will manage versions
  • Describe how you will manage hierarchies
  • Business Rules
  • Explain how you will create and manage business rules
  • Managing Data Feeds
  • Identify upstream and downstream systems
  • Describe timing of feeds
  • Describe file format and restrictions
  • Describe Imports and Exports
  • Describe how you will manage upstream and downstream data feed(s) and reconciliation
  • Managing Testing and Maintenance
  • Describe the methods you will use to test MDM
  • Describe the methods you will use to maintain the MDM
  • Describe the quality metrics you will use to measure data quality

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