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BSA 412 Week 3 Individual Assignment Data Flow Diagram, Data Dictionary, Databases, and ERDs

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BSA 412 Week 3 Individual Assignment Data Flow Diagram, Data Dictionary, Databases, and ERDs

Instructions: Frank's Chili Dogs wants to install a system to record orders for its chili dogs. Review the following scenario:   

  • When a customer calls, s/he is asked for her/his phone number
  • The proposed system will look up the customer's name using the phone number, and:
  • If an existing customer record is found, retrieve the customer's name and address
  • If no record is found, prompt the employee taking the order to ask for the customer's name and address • An order consists of the number of chili dogs and the number and type of beverage   
  • After the order is taken, the tax is calculated, a delivery charge is added, and a receipt is printed Draw a 1-page context-level data flow diagram for this problem using Visio®, or any other freeware drawing software you wish to use. Create a 1- to 2-page comparison chart showing the similarities and differences between data dictionaries, databases, and entity relationship diagrams (ERDs). The chart should depict at least 3 points of comparison. Create 4 to 5 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides, plus an Introduction slide and a Conclusion slide, a properly formatted APA Reference slide, and Speaker Notes that address the key points. Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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