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BSA 375 Week 1 Learning Team Assignment Charter

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BSA 375 Week 1 Learning Team Assignment   Charter


Create your teams Learning Team Charter Instructions: Collaborate with your other team members on team leader, team policies, etc. and fill out the Learning Team Charter document.  When completing this assignment, consider the following:


- A good team has a designated team leader (either one each week or one for the whole class) - Each team member is expected to collaborate every week (keep that in mind when assigning tasks) - When completing the charter, teams are not required to wait for input from 'missing' team members. - The charter may be submitted to Assignments at any point before the due date provided that  

* All team members have contributed to the charter     - or -   

* The team leader has posted a deadline (Monday at 7 PM Arizona Time for example) for input from team members and that time has passed. - All team members are bound to the terms of the charter, whether they participate in it or not.


Be thoughtful when developing the Charter - when students contact me with issues involving other team members, I normally refer then back to their team charter.


The Learning Team Charter template form can be downloaded from the University Library home page.

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