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BIS 320 Week 2 DQS

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DQ 1
What is the value of information? Is it an asset? Why or why not? Can you use information for decision making? How could databases or a Microsoft® Excel® spread sheet help with this? Explain. Consider how information gives you knowledge and power. How can a business use this knowledge and power? Explain. 
DQ 2
You manage a group of seven employees in a small business. Each of your employees wants to be connected to the Internet. Considering the following alternatives, what equipment and lines would be required for each alternative? What actions would you need to take to create each alternative? Which of these alternatives do you recommend?
o Alternative A: Each employee has his own modem and connects individually to the Internet.
o Alternative B: The employees’ computers are connected using a LAN and the network uses a single modem to connect. 
o Alternative C: Can you think of another alternative? Explain.

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