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BIS 320 Week 1 DQS
DQ 1
Is open-source software a viable solution? Why or why not? Use the terminology of closed source, source code, and machine code. Explain why open source could be a legitimate alternative but may not be appropriate for a specific application, such as a payroll application.
DQ 2
What is the difference between a client and a server? Explain the functions of client and server computers. How do the hardware requirements differ? How do they each support business goals? Cite specifics.
BIS 320 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications
Think of a specific organization with which one of your group members is familiar and determine the main operating system, software applications used, and a one of a kind software application. Create a table like the example located on the student website for your specific organization.
Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Determining Operating Systems and Software Applications Table Example  
Write a paper of no more than 1,200 words explaining the operating system and software applications from this specific organization. Include the following:
Describe how the operating system and applications help the company reach their objectives.
Describe the functions of computer hardware components used in the organization. Provide at least one example of input hardware, output hardware, and storage hardware and describe how they are used in the organization.
Use Microsoft® Office Word to effectively explain your responses.
Create a header with the names of the members of your team and the date.
Create a footer with the title of the document.
Insert the table at the end of your paper.
Add a style to the table.
Use review tools to add a comment about the table.
Cite at least two references in your paper.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
BIS 320 Week 2 DQS
DQ 1
What is the value of information? Is it an asset? Why or why not? Can you use information for decision making? How could databases or a Microsoft® Excel® spread sheet help with this? Explain. Consider how information gives you knowledge and power. How can a business use this knowledge and power? Explain. 
DQ 2
You manage a group of seven employees in a small business. Each of your employees wants to be connected to the Internet. Considering the following alternatives, what equipment and lines would be required for each alternative? What actions would you need to take to create each alternative? Which of these alternatives do you recommend?
o Alternative A: Each employee has his own modem and connects individually to the Internet.
o Alternative B: The employees’ computers are connected using a LAN and the network uses a single modem to connect. 
o Alternative C: Can you think of another alternative? Explain.
BIS 320 Week 3 Individual Assignment Determining Databases and Data Communications 
Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Determining Databases and Data Communications
Read Scenario 1 and Scenario 2.
Write a paper of no more than 1,500 words in which you respond to the questions designated for both scenarios.
Cite at least two references in your paper.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
BIS 320 Week 3 DQS
DQ 1
What are the pros and cons of social networks in business? How can companies use social networks to improve business?  
DQ 2
What new Internet technologies and collaboration tools are available today? Which of these resources are essentially free? Describe two opportunities for taking advantage of those free resources.  
BIS 320 Week 4 Individual Assignment Using Collaboration Tools to Market Products 
You are a consultant who has been hired to help a retail jewelry store reach out to new and existing customers. You have chosen to use a collaboration tool to help your client.
Create a 6-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes for the management of the jewelry store that reveals your findings. Include the following criteria:
Research collaboration tools using the Internet.
Choose a product to help your client.
Explain how the jewelry store could leverage the tool to serve customers.
Explain how you could use Web 2.0 to expand market reach.
Consider whether the jewelry store should expand to B2B and B2G. Explain your response and discuss the rationale.
Include detailed speaker notes to discuss your findings and provide rationale.
Complete the following in your presentation:
Format the slides using a standard style or create your own.
Insert a chart, graph, or table on at least one slide to show the advantages of the product you have selected.
Create and insert a hyperlink to the company that makes sense for the product you have selected. 
Insert a video or animation that supports the message of your presentation.
Cite at least two references in your presentation.
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines
BIS 320 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Applying Information Security and SDLC to Business 
Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Applying Information Security and SDLC to Business
Write a paper of no more than 3,000 words in which you discuss one of the bookstores, use the SDLC method to implement a new technology into the bookstore, and detail a disaster recovery plan for the bookstore. 
Cite at least five references in your paper.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
DQ 1
What are some of the difficulties of SDLC posed by requirements definition, requirements changes, and technology changes?
DQ 2
Read ”This Could Happen to You” at the start of Ch. 10 of MIS Essentials. Assume the role of Laura Shen, a business analyst asked to propose a solution to Jeff’s facilities problem. What ideas and proposal would you develop for this project using the SDLC? How do you think Jeff should proceed? 

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