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BIS 221 Week 5 Individual Assignment Practice: Online Applications

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 BIS 221 Week 5 Individual Assignment Practice: Online Applications

Instructions: Complete the following practice exercise.   

  1. Open your Week 4 presentation in Microsoft® PowerPoint® Online.
  2. Choose to edit in browser (Microsoft® PowerPoint® Online).
  3. Delete title of the presentation on slide 1.
  4. Insert a text box on slide 1 and type the new title 'ONLINE EDITS' in the text box.
  5. Under the Design tab, change the theme of the slides.
  6. Under the Transition tab, add a transition to slide 2.
  7. Select an object on any slide and add an animation using the Animations tab.
  8. Rearrange the order of slide 2 and slide 3 in the presentation by dragging and dropping slide 2 down to the position of slide 3.
  9. Delete slide 4.   
  10. Save a copy of the presentation using the Save As option on the File Tab. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your practice to the associate faculty member for verification of completion.

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