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BIS 220 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Final Submission

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Resources: Ch. 1 & 2 of Excel® in Microsoft® Office 2010.
Scenario: Imagine you are an employee of Party Plates, a company that manufactures decorative paper plates and napkins for special events. Your team has been assigned a new project. The president of your company has tasked you with improving the efficiency of the current information systems used in the sales department, because the current systems are somewhat antiquated. Your organization is currently using Microsoft® Excel® to track all personnel data, but would like to migrate to a relational database like Microsoft® Access®. You have also been tasked with identifying potential collaborative software that may improve internal communications and help streamline some of the work processes for the sales department.
Prepare a 350- to 700-word proposal addressing the potential implementation of new information systems in your organization.
Explain the usefulness of converting data currently held in Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets into a relational database using Microsoft® Access®.
Describe the benefits of using Microsoft® Access® in the work environment. 
Include suggestions for the future use of collaborative software and how it can help the sales department improve communications and streamline work processes.
Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.
Scenario: The president of Party Plates has requested a second proposal from your team. She would like information on wireless technologies and how they might be used in your organization. 
Write a 350- to 700-word proposal discussing wireless technologies.
Include the following in your proposal:
Your recommendation of at least two wireless technologies that would be beneficial to implement in the Party Plates organization
The pros and cons for incorporating these two wireless technologies in your organization
A justification for the decision, and the risks of using wireless technologies in your department
A spreadsheet to track hardware or software requirements of your proposed wireless technologies, including the associated costs
Include the following in your spreadsheet using the features of Microsoft® Excel®:
Use the SUM function in your spreadsheet to give a cost estimate of equipment needed
The date function
An additional math or statistical function of your choice
Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.
Submit your proposal and spreadsheet as instructed by the facilitator.
Present your proposal and spreadsheet as instructed by the facilitator

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