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The nucleoid of a prokaryotic organism contains
A sugar is a carbohydrate because a sugar molecule
The Streptococcal cell structure that does the most direct damage to the human body is
Some bacterium always lives in surroundings with the same concentration of dissolved substances as in their own cytoplasm. These bacteria will not need
Within an acinar cell, the enzyme amylase reaches its final form within
Five of the six carbon atoms in a glucose molecule are typically found
The four major classes of biomolecules are:
Discrete, visible lengths of DNA sequence found in human cell nuclei are known as
When a prokaryotic bacterial cell has a second outer membrane, the membrane’s function is to
The function of glycogen is to
The small intestine signals the _________ cell that food is present; the signal is a ______ that binds to _____________ on the cell.
Polymers of amino acids that are linked in linear chains and that contain atoms of nitrogen are called:
Generally speaking, prokaryotic cells___________ eukaryotic cells.
The polymer _______ enables the cell’s information to flow from DNA out into the cell cytoplasm in a more expressible form.
Which of the following is the name for a class of sugar molecules?
Testosterone signals all of the following in the human male except:
__________, the cell’s DNA plus its scaffolding contains the cell’s archive of ______.
The boundary around a prokaryotic cell can best be described as
____________ house enzymes that trap carbon dioxide and bind it to larger substrate
When the enzyme amylase from the pancreas is finally ready for use, it is stored within cell cytoplasmic vesicles called___.
Some slime molds violate the first element of cell theory because
A eukaryotic cell structure (organelle) that results when a vesicle formed from the Golgi complex simply remains in the cytoplasm of the cell:
and ________ are structures that walk along microtubules in the eukaryotic cell carrying vesicles from place to place.
Which of the following eukaryotic structures (organelles) uses photosynthesis to capture solar energy?
Which base is used in RNA but not DNA?

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