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BIO 101 VERSION 3 Week 2 Individual Assignment PedigreeProject

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PART I: Write a 2-3 page paper containing to following elements:
Summarize the inheritance of sex-linked traits through meiosis and how it relates to genetics.
Describeanother X-linked disorder other than hemophilia and colorblindness.
its etiology (what is the gene and what does that protein do, etc.)
its symptoms
the number of individuals affected
whether it’s dominant or recessive or neither
treatment for the disease
whether or not it’s fatal
Cite at least two credible and/or peer-reviewed sources other than the textbook.
Formatyour work according to APA standards.
Run Plagiarism Check Report
SignCertificate of Originality
PART II: Createa hypotheticalpedigreeof the X-linked disorder described in the first part containing the following elements.
At least three generations.
At least one male and female person with each genotype (normal individual, one affected individual and one carrier)
Make sure it adheres to the standard pedigree format as described in the chapter (squares and circles, colors, etc.).
Use Figures 9.32 to guide you.
PART III: Drawtwo monoallelic Punnett squares for this disease that result from two different matingswithin your pedigree.Use Figure 9.31 to guide you.
Postthe following FIVE items to the assignments folder:
Sex-linked traits paper
Plagiarism Checker Report
Hypothetical Pedigree
Two monoallelic Punnett Squares

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