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PSY 326 PSY/326 PSY326 Week 4 Quiz

________________is a group of sampling strategies used when each person in a population has a known chance of being in the sample.
Which of the following best describes this survey item?
“How would you rate your current mood?”
not at all angry -----------------------------------------------very angry
One of the key issues in observational research is simplifying the process of observing behavior by taking ____________ or small snippets of the environment.
Dr. Blue is conducting a research study examining the effects of heat on aggression in urban environments. On days in which the heat index exceeds 100 degrees he observes people interacting on public transit and counts the number of aggressive acts and compares his observations with days in which the high temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees. What strategy best describes Dr. Blue’s project?
______________ is a measure of dispersion that represents the average difference between the mean and each individual score which is calculated by taking the square root of the variance.
Dr. Stevens is conducting a study of recycling behavior by having students stand at the recycling bins and count the number of people who recycle compared to those who just toss it all in the garbage. Unfortunately, a reviewer of his research points out that the presence of the students at the recycling bins may have influenced the behavior of people being observed. Which of the following best describes this problem?
_______________ is a descriptive design that involves directly observing behavior and recording these observations in an objective and systematic way.
Dr. Black is discussing the results from the mid-term exam he recently gave with his class and indicates the lowest score was a 58 and the highest score was a 98 making the ______________ for the mid-term 40.
The ______________ is calculated by subtracting each score from the mean, squaring and summing these values and dividing by the sample size.
___________________ is a statistical test used to determine whether two nominal variables are independent or related to one-another.

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