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MGT435 Week 4 Quiz

Satinelle is known for its ability to integrate newcomers into its high-performing culture. It also cares about supporting opportunities for employees’ professional growth. Because of this, Satinelle is known as a __________.
A level 5 leadership style refers to leaders who tend to be __________.
Cultural risk is the risk that __________.
SillFill Corporation recruits and retains talented employees by giving them opportunities to participate in achieving the organization’s objectives. Specifically, SillFill lets employees sit in on focus groups. This falls under the employee involvement category known as __________.
Variety-based positioning refers to __________.
In order to facilitate the recruitment of the right talent, branding is especially important for __________.
The concept of creative destruction refers to __________.
Which of the following is the best example of a negative externality?
________ refers to the high-tech analysis of a company’s data in order to make better strategic decisions.
All of the following iconic brands appeared on the Huffington Post’s list of companies that could soon go out of business EXCEPT __________

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