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What does it mean for a film to be presented in “chronological order”?
Which is the best description of the difference between “plot” and “story”?
Which of the following is a good criterion for judging a movie’s narrative structure?
Which element of a scene does the cinematographer most often control?
In a scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the title characters are holed up inside a building discussing their plans for future bank robberies while the audience is shown the entire Bolivian army gathering outside to kill them. The filmmakers are making use of what literary element in this scene?
What is one reason the American film industry didn’t primarily use color photography until the 1960s, even though the technology was available much earlier?
Which setting seems most appropriate for a film about emotional isolation?
What term is used to describe narratives that do not follow chronological order?
Which special effects technique is being used in television weather reports in which meteorologists stand in front of moving maps?
The “rule of thirds” applies to which dimension of a cinematographer’s work?

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