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EDU 411 Week 1 Discussions \n\n \n\nCurrent Theories of Reading. Anticipation/Reaction guides are a metacognitive strategy. Why are metacognitive strategies important to the reading process? Which of the current theories in Chapter One would you use in your own classroom or in a classroom (grade level) where you are thinking of teaching? Why? How would you use that theory to determine grade level reading material? \n\nGuided Response: Review several of your peers’ posts and respond to at least two by offering additional reasons that explain the importance of metacognitive strategies to the reading process that they may have overlooked. Compare their choice of reading theory to your own and offer ways they might incorporate the theory into their classroom. \n\n \n\nPrinciples of Reading Instruction. Some people think that skills instruction is unnecessary if students are surrounded by print and immersed in a literacy-rich environment. Others think that systematic, direct skills instruction is necessary for a successful reading program. Still others think that both a literacy-rich environment and systematic skills instruction are essential. Using the principles of teaching reading and your own experience as a guide, explain your own ideas about how students learn to read. Make sure to justify your explanation with research that relates to how children learn to read.\n\nGuided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts and respond to at least two comparing your own ideas about learning to read with theirs. Point out additional considerations they may have overlooked in their explanation.

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