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EDU 100 Week 5 Final Paper Professional Philosophy of Education

Complete your professional philosophy of education as it relates to your major (use all previous work in the course and apply it to the area of education you are majoring in). Write an 8-page paper in APA formatting that supports your professional philosophy of education and continuing professional development. Use five outside academic sources, at least one website, and the textbook (a minimum of seven resources), all in APA formatting. In addition you will be assessed on how well you incorporated the feedback provided by your instructor and your peers to your Rough Draft in the final paper. To improve your APA skills in style, formatting, citing, and referencing please visit the APA Lecture in the Learning Resources tab in the left side of the course shell. To check and improve your college level writing please use the Ashford Writing Center resources at:

• and use Grammarly to edit your writing before uploading to Waypoint.

Focus of the professional philosophy of education

There are four parts to the final paper. Please address each part and use examples to demonstrate each one.

Part 1: What is your future career?

Identify what position in education you would like to have and at what type of organization you will work. Is it private, public, proprietary, online, non-profit, children, adults, families, etc.? (Refer to Week 1 journal).

Part 2: Professional Philosophy Describe your professional philosophy on teaching and learning. Use the questions below to hone your theoretical perspective (refer to your Week 3 Draft and Feedback in Week Four, DB One):

• What is the purpose of education? (Refer to the Week 2 journal)

• How do students learn and how will you assist their learning in your future career?

• What professional development will you need – certificates, on-going continuing education credits, graduate degree(s), etc.?

Part 3: Professional Engagement

Give examples of some factors that will affect your career in communicating and working with various stakeholders, such as with children, parents, adults, clients, professionals, colleagues, professional organizations, and institutions/systems

• Explain how your communication skills could affect these stakeholders

• Address how you plan to ensure feedback,

• Communicate with your stakeholders,

• Engage with colleagues in your profession,

• Utilize your personal management plan for working with others.

(Refer to your DB post this week and to the assignment in Week 4).

Part 4: Continuous Improvement Efforts

Prepare a continuous professional improvement plan that describes where you see yourself professionally in five years;

• Describe the skills or training that will be needed to meet the goals you want to accomplish for yourself

• Explain how you expect to continue your professional development and simultaneously adhere to the standards (academic, conduct, or national) in your profession (Refer to the Week 2 journal and Week 3 rough draft).

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