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BUS308 Week 4 Quiz

If the confidence interval for mean differences contains a 0, the associated t-test would have shown a significant difference.
The probability that the actual population mean will be outside of a 98% confidence interval is
The goodness of fit test determines if a data set distribution/shape matches a standard or hypothesized distribution.
The Chi-square test is very sensitive to small differences in frequency differences.
Chi-square tests are parametric in nature – requiring data that fit a specific distribution/shape.
The goodness of fit test null hypothesis states that the sample data does not match an expected distribution.
The Chi-square test measures differences in frequency counts rather than differences in size (such as the t-test and ANOVA).
Point estimates provide less confidence in indicating a parameter’s value than a confidence interval.
The Chi-square test for independence is an extension of the goodness of fit test to see if multiple groups are distributed according to expected distributions for each variable.
For a one sample confidence interval, the interval is calculated around the estimated population mean or standard (?m ).

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