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BUS445 Week 3 Quiz

The Baldrige National Quality Program instrument for self-assessment is called:
A recent approach to management accounting that corrects many of the deficiencies of traditional accounting systems is called:
Implementation of ISO 9000:2000 to achieve registration requires a quality policy, a quality manual, and internal audits.
_____ systems are software packages that integrate organizational information systems and provide an infrastructure for managing information across the enterprise.
ISO 9000 can be implemented in an organization that has not fully embraced total quality and still result in significant benefits.
Which of the following is NOT recognized as a barrier to change?
Which of the following is NOT a finding resulting from managers beginning to define and isolate the full range of quality-related costs?
Which of the following is NOT a theoretical or methodological criticism directed against the situational leadership theory?
Practical guidelines for designing a performance measurement system include all of the following EXCEPT that:
Which of the following is NOT an external failure cost?

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