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BUS 433 Week 2 Quiz

The most sensible choice if one’s company cannot be the dominant player in its industry is to _____________.
_________ and barriers to exit characterize unattractive industries
The immediate context in which the firm operates is the _______ environment.
In accord with Taylor’s science of work, the classic approach replaced ___________ methods.
The __________ approach stresses employee motivation and company values.
In a matrix structure, employees have _______ reporting arrangements.
In deliberating whether to undertake a particular project, the strategist has to consider the project’s technical and commercial feasibility. In doing so, he or she must estimate
________ theory explains how to scrutinize, investigate, and break down an organization’s strengths and weaknesses.
__________ provide access to new markets, give customers benefits, and are difficult for competitors to imitate.
The economic climate would fall under the ________ environment

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