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The __________ can be defined as the tendency to give an employee higher ratings than he/she objectively deserves because of the rater’s failure to discriminate among distinct and potentially independent aspects of the employee’s behavior. For instance, a supervisor is disposed to judge an employee’s productivity favorably because the employee’s workspace is remarkably neat.
Which of the following statements defines psychoneuromuscular theory?
A view of management that values human beings as strategic assets with enduring value to the organization is called
According to research discussed in the textbook, children’s prosocial behaviors
Which does NOT apply to achievement goal theory?
Carla is an industrial/organizational psychologist who is often asked to identify the specific responsibilities and requirements of a variety of jobs. As a result, she spends a considerable amount of time not only interviewing and observing workers who perform specific jobs, but also collecting job descriptions from employment experts. She calls what she does
Which of the following statements is FALSE?
Which of the following properties does NOT describe mastery motivational climate?
Which statement does NOT fit achievement motivation theory?
__________ means that the information produced by an assessment tool (e.g., a test, an interview protocol, or a research procedure) accurately measures what it is intended to measure. For instance, a __________ measure of introversion assesses a specific disposition and can predict performance in the workplace where this disposition is relevant.
Which of the following is UNLIKELY to be a sub-field of industrial/organizational psychology?
Counterproductive work behaviors (CWBs) are
As a director of human resources, Paul often warns supervisors who are conducting performance evaluations that “birds of a feather flock together.” To which of the following biases does this famous adage apply?
Which of the following terms specifically refers to the degree to which members of a group work together to achieve common goals, such as at a league championship?
Coworkers say that Don is driven to excel at work because he wants to attain material rewards and avoid unpleasant consequences. Don’s approach to work activities can be said to be
The standard for effort and performance accepted by the team is called
Which of the following is NOT an example of extrinsic motivation?
Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding goals in sport?
As part of a job application, Shanika takes a personality test. Then, she takes the same test 6 months later. She is told that the test is _________. That is, it can be trusted to produce consistent measurements across time if given to the same person.

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