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The main goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to
Which is the statement that most closely applies to behavioral therapy?
According to the textbook, cultural encapsulation
Which statement is an INACCURATE description of the field of clinical psychology?
The term intake interview may refer to _________
Client-centered therapy conforms to the __________
_________occurs when clients unconsciously transfer
feelings about significant early relationships onto the therapist.
Consumer Reports found that nearly all forms of long-term professional psychotherapy help people overcome their problems (Consumer Reports, 1995). The survey conducted by Consumer Reports and its results have remained controversial though. Which among the following statements does NOT represent the criticism leveled against the survey and its findings?
According to client-centered counseling, a conflict between a naturally positive self-image and negative external criticism is called
The MMPI-2 ___________.
According to the ACA, which is NOT one of the primary aims of professional counselors?
Which of the following statements is likely to be an instance ofcognitive restructuring?
The term clinician does NOT
Wechsler scales specifically__________.
Which of the following statements applies to the American School Counseling Association (ASCA)?
The humanistic perspective does NOT __________
Historically, __________ mainly refers to activities intended to provide information and assistance to students about careers and the world of work.
In a counselor, psychological mindedness
What is not one of the “four D’s” that define abnormal behavior?
The primary interest of counseling psychologists is said to be

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