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AET 562 Week 4 Individual Assignment Personal Learning Network

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There is a video explanation that is CC in this week's Overview located in Class Messages.

You will create a Personal Learning Network (PLN) using a social media tool called DIIGO. If you prefer to use a different social media tool, such as one that you have used in this course, you may do so. Your PLN will include 10 Social Media sites including the following:

Social Media Account Name



Benefit of this account to your PLN

You will also add to this assignment your responses to the following:

What is a PLN? Why is the careful selection of resources important to establishing your PLN?

What roles do Twitter® and LinkedIn® play as social media tools? How can these channels benefit your professional development?

Can a PLN take the place of formal classroom training? Explain your response.

To submit this assignment, create a title page and include the link to your PLN. Also invite me using the DIIGO invite.

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