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AET 562 Week 3 Individual Assignment Create a Blog

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There is a video explanation that is CC in this week's Overview located in Class Messages.

I would consider using WordPress for this assignment as it has blog features. This will help you be acclimated for the Signature Assignment in Week 6 which is required to be in WordPress.

This week you will be creating a blog. The blog could be for the organization you work for or something you are interested in. The purpose is to create the blog of your interest to train the audience about your blog's focus.

Your blog will include information about blogs in general, as well as 3 blog links taking your audience to these 3 blogs that are also related to your topic. To locate these blogs please do the following:

Search the Internet for blogs that would be relevant to the group you identified. One way to search for blogs is using Google™ blogs. Type in keywords relevant to the audience you will focus on. For example, you may type in professional development for teachers or IT training for managers. You may be as broad or as specific as you would like. Briefly complete the below using minimal words (this is not a paper in a blog), use bullets or simple sentences and include the following:

  • Identify the group your blog will be addressing and why this group would be interested in the blog
  • Define a blog (should be no more than 1 sentence)
  • List 2 advantages and disadvantages of blogs
  • List 2 ways blogs could be used for training
  • List 3 best practices for someone who is new to blogging
  • List 2 ways that the reader's comments to a blog affects their online reputation
  • Then search the Internet for 3 blogs that are related to your topic.
  • These cannot be a repository of blogs (a listing of blogs on one page).

They need to be one blog see the video on this. Complete the following:

Add the name of the blog to your blog and hyperlink the words to the blog you did the Internet search for. When doing so and if you can, select Open in New Window when you are adding the hyperlink to your blog. Make sure the link works (try it out)

Evaluate the blog on your blog site and include the following:

Frequency and timeliness of posts

Is there a moderator

Level of engagement by blog followers

Credibility of the blog and how you know this

When paraphrasing or quoting you must use APA guidelines.

Visual aspect of the blog: Any blog should flow and be well organized, including adding images. Images are required in this assignment as well as you will need to adhere to the comments in the Week 1 video about using graphic images.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Complete a Title Page in APA and include the link to the Blog. Make sure it is published so I can access it. 

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