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AET 562 Week 1 Individual Assignment Infographic

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You have a choice for this assignment. You may either create an infographic using a web-based tool or create an infographic using a Word Document that has been saved to a PDF. Please make sure you are using the rubric to the right to ensure you earn the highest grade possible. (Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Prezi are not allowable).

The Director of Training and Development has just told you that the organization will be moving to the use of social media and there will be organization-wide training for this. The Director has asked you to research an online training platform in which to complete the training for employees on the use of social media for the organization. The Director is very busy and so you decide to create a visual that will portray the information needed, and you decide upon an infographic. Complete the following:

Search the Internet for an online learning platform (search the

Internet using the key words: "online learning platforms"), if you need to.

Go to the site and explore it for the use and applicability for creating training sessions for employees at your organization.

Review the features the platform such as discussion forums, wikis, quizzes, and so forth.

Once you have done this exploration, complete the below:

Create an infographic (either web-based or using a Word Document) 

  • Define social learning
  • Benefits of social learning
  • How social learning is different but related to formal learning
  • How social learning can be leveraged in adult learning
  • Evolution of professional learning strategies and practices
  • Identify the online learning platform you have selected
  • Identify 2 features the platform has and create an activity for one of them

If you have used a web-based application, create a title page and add the link on that page and submit it. If you use a Word Document, convert it to a PDF and then submit it as usual. APA is required for this assignment, which will include in text citations for graphic images and text, as well as one reference page for in text and graphic citations. If you are submitting a web-base application, please do not convert it to Word, PDF, or any other format. Just submit the link, otherwise it will be returned to you for the link.

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