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AET 570

Regular price $290.00

Wk 1 Discussion - Adult Training Perspectives [due Thurs]   ------------15$

Wk 1 - Evolution of the Training Profession [due Mon]—30$

Wk 2 Discussion - Staff Development Needs [due Thurs]—15$

Wk 2 Team - Social Media Training Plan Presentation [due Mon]—30$

Wk 3 Discussion - Evaluation Methods [due Thurs]—15$

Wk 3 - Program Evaluation Rubric [due Mon]—30$

Wk 4 Discussion - Talent within an Organization [due Thurs]—15$

Wk 5 Discussion - Evaluating Marketing & Communication Plans [due Thurs]-15$

Wk 5 - Training Trends Plan Presentation [due Mon]-30$

Wk 6 Discussion - Future Environment for Adult Learning [due Thurs]—15$

Wk 6 - Signature Assignment: Training Program Plan* [due Mon]—50$

Wk 6 Team - Digital Record of Assignments Review and Submission [due Mon]—30$

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