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AET 508 Week 6 Learning Team Community-Based Education: Country Comparison

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Research community-based education in two countries other than the United States. Include the following topics in your research:
Adult education and lifelong learning initiatives
Community agency programs
Special populations
Legislative influence
Prepare a detailed chart to compare the United States to your two selected countries.       
Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you evaluate the similarities and differences between community-based education in the United States and the two selected countries based on the identified topics for comparison.
Describe the countries' positive approaches or learning models from which the United States could benefit.
Anticipate the results of the United States adopting these positive approaches or models from your selected countries.
Explain how you can use this comparative information in your future community-based educator role.
Include your references in APA format.
Proofread carefully for clarity and correctness.
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