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AET 500 Week 3 Individual Assignment Nature of Intelligence

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Biological and psychological differences among different stages of adulthood create a need for a variety of instructional approaches to support successful learning. As a team you will examine how these differences may present themselves in the classroom.
Research the biological and psychological development of adults. Examine a variety of theories regarding life stages, development, and the impact of this development on learning.
Create a learner profile for four fictional learners at different stages of adulthood. Each profile should be drafted in outline format. For each learner include the following information:
Cultural background
Educational experience
Goals and motivation
Description of biological and psychological characteristics that may impact their approach to learning
List of classroom accommodations and/or instructional approaches necessary to meet the learner's needs
Compare the differences between learners and their needs in a 350-to 700-word summary.
Cite a minimum of three sources to support your findings.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
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