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ADZ 235 Week 5 DQS

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DQ 1

 When accepting a new client, Bobby K. Lawyer’s first inclination is to plea bargain. He is averse to prolonging a case in court for months. Plea bargaining, in his opinion, is a simpler way to work the system and satisfy both parties. Bobby’s peers have a poor opinion of him; to many of his peers, plea bargains cheat the system, sidestep justice, and fail to take due process into consideration. Clarify the ethical dilemma associated with plea bargaining. Analyze the dilemma using a deontological framework and a teleological framework. By which framework might the dilemma be best resolved?

DQ 2

 Judges, like police officers and attorneys, are held to a higher ethical standard than the average person; they are expected to be impartial and unbiased. Do you believe a judge can be completely unbiased in every case? Explain your answer. What ethical issues arise when a judge is biased?

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