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ACCT 560 Week 1 Homework Assignment

Please review the scenario below. Please provide your response in 300–600 words. When complete, submit your answers in the Week 1 Dropbox. See Syllabus/Due Dates for Assignments & Exams for due date information.

1.Jonathan was notified by the IRS that he should appear at the local IRS district office with support for his 2013 travel and entertainment expenses as well as his charitable deductions. It was a really nice day, so Jonathan went skiing rather than to the appointment. On the way to the ski resort Jonathan called his tax preparer, Sue Johnson, CPA, and told her that he wasn’t going to the appointment. What penalty or penalties could Jonathan be subject to? What about the Sue Johnson, CPA?

  1. If Jonathan ultimately doesn’t agree with the findings of the IRS, what are his options?



ACCT 560 Week 2 Homework Assignment



ACCT 560 Week 3 Homework Assignment


ACCT 560 Week 3 You Decide Assignment Alternative Minimum Tax



ACCT 560 Week 4 Homework Assignment

Week 4 Homework

17-53 and 54 on page 17-41

Problem 17-53

53.Comprehensive Problem.Determine whether the following transactions qualify as Type C reorganizations:

a.The acquisition of all assets and liabilities of Bark Inc. by Ark Inc. for 20 percent of Ark’s voting preferred stock.

Problem 17-54

54.Comprehensive Problem.Label the following transactions:

a.A Nevada corporation formed a corporation in Florida and transferred all assets to it for 100 percent of its stock. It then distributed the stock to its shareholders in cancellation of their Nevada corporation stock and was dissolved



ACCT 560 Week 6 Homework Assignment


ACCT 560 Week 7 Homework Assignment


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