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ACC 260 Week 6 Individual Assignment Presentation of the CEO’s Position

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Review the anonymous stakeholder presentations your instructor has posted. There may be repetition among the presentations from the same group, so mentally synthesize the presentations into four positions, one for each group. You might find it helpful to take notes.
Complete the Stakeholder Analysis Table found in Appendix C based on your synthesis.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you assume the role of Kardell’s CEO. As CEO, critically examine each stakeholder position in light of the facts of the case.
Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each stakeholder position, especially how their desires for action could affect the company’s profitability. Then, select a course of action from the following list:
 Deny any link between the company and the sonox detected in the river and refuse to study the issue further.
 Agree to continue collecting data and investigating the issue further without admitting the mill is the source of the sonox.
 Assume there is a link between the sonox and the company and take immediate steps to upgrade the plant to prevent future spillages.
Provide an argument that supports your decision. Support your decision with evidence and logic, not your personal opinion. An important part of your grade on this assignment is demonstrating your ability to think critically: to suspend judgment while gathering evidence and consulting the various stakeholders’ positions, to analyze each position, to consider the effects of different courses of action, and then to make a decision and support it with evidence and logic.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, including any references to the textbook or other sources.
Post your Stakeholder Analysis Table and paper as attachments.
Note. Ignore the actual outcome of the case provided in the text. The details given in the book regarding the outcome of the case should not be referenced in your paper nor influence your decision.

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