NTC 362 Week 4 Supporting Activity DQ Questions

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NTC 362 Week 4 Supporting Activity DQ Questions

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NTC 362 Week 4 Supporting Activity DQ Questions

Discussion Question: Network Management Tools
Discuss network management tools that can be used with LAN, WAN, and wireless technologies. Can a similar
approach be used in wired versus wireless approaches?
Discussion Question: Packet Capture
Using the course learning materials, valid internet sources, and related personal experience, research packet capture
analysis tools like TCPdump and Wireshark, and free network management tools, like Capsa Free and Pandora FMS.
Provide an example of how an individual would use TCPdump as a troubleshooting tool.
Discuss how to choose a packet analysis or network management tool given various network configurations.
Discussion Question: Troubleshooting

Supporting Activity: Network Operating Systems

What are the predominant network operating systems in use today? What are the differences between LAN and WAN operating systems?

Supporting Activity: Introduction to Wireless

Differentiating among the protocols used in wireless (Media Access Control layer, FDMA, TDMA, and CDMA), what are the problems with existing protocols with satellite communications?

Class Participation Activity: Network Segmentation      

What is network segmentation? Why would a network administrator want to segment a network? What are some of the techniques for segmenting a network?    

Class Participation Activity: Network Processors 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of network processors, such as hubs, switches, routers, and gateways?         

Supporting Activity: Virtual LAN 

What are Virtual LANs (VLANs) and what are the advantages of using them?          Supporting Activity: IP Addressing

What is class-based IP Addressing & what are some of the problems with it?

Supporting Activity: Supporting Activity: OSI and Internet

What layers of the OSI are used when you access the Internet?  What protocols are used?

Supporting Activity: Supporting Activity: SMTP & MIME

What is SMTP designated for? What additional capabilities are included in MIME?

Supporting Activity: Satellite Delays

If I have an application where the maximum allowed end-to-end delay is 150 milliseconds, why can’t I use a geosynchronous orbit satellite as a communication link?

Supporting Activity: Monitoring and Troubleshooting LANs

What should be considered when monitoring and troubleshooting a network?

Supporting Activity: Supporting Activity: Wireless Security Issues

What type of security issues need to be considered when implementing a Wireless LAN?

Supporting Activity: Supporting Activity: Why Go Wireless?

What are some of the reason an organization might consider using a Wireless LAN?

NTC 362 Week 4 Supporting Activity DQ Questions

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