HUM 115 Week 2 Points of View Essay

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HUM 115 Week 2 Points of View Essay

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 HUM 115 Week 2 Points of View Essay

In Week 1, you selected a topic to work with throughout the course to practice your critical thinking skills.

This week, you identify and discuss alternative points of view about that topic.

Resource: Week 1 topic and the “Opposing Viewpoints in Context.”

Optional Resource: Writing Resources lab




Locate the topic you chose in Week 1 using the “Opposing Viewpoints in Context.”


Select two viewpoints from those listed on the page.


Write a 200- to 300-word essay on your topic that includes responses to the following:









Introduce the topic you selected and briefly discuss why people might think differently about the topic. (50 to 75 words)


Explain the two different viewpoints you selected. The goal of your explanation is to help your reader understand the reasoning for each viewpoint. (100 to 150 words total)


For each viewpoint, identify one intellectual standard of thinking that is used well and one that is lacking. Review the intellectual standards of thinking discussed on p. 91 and Exhibit 5.1 on p. 102 of Ch. 5 of your text. (50 to 75 words total)




Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

 HUM 115 Week 2 Points of View Essay

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